Configure Inoreader to send notifications to Slack only new job postings

To get helpful responses:

I’m trying to use Inoreader to send new job notifications from to our Slack channel. However, I only receive notifications for old job postings, not the newly listed ones. I want to ensure that I’m alerted in real-time or as soon as a new job is posted on


My primary goal is to configure Inoreader to send only new job postings from to our designated Slack channel without any old job notifications.

Steps I’ve tried:

  1. Set up an RSS feed from in Inoreader.
  2. Integrated Inoreader with Slack using its built-in integration.
  3. Adjusted the notification settings within Inoreader to only alert on new job postings.

Despite these steps, I’m still receiving notifications about old job postings.

Can you try right-clicking on the trigger module > “Choose where to start” > select “From now on” or “Choose manually”.