Connect squarespace to notion

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I’m just trying to figure out how to get the data from a squarespace order (name, email, goal, DoB etc.) and use Make to add the data into a notion database.

Any idea on how to do this?

Hi @Shaun_Culkin ,

To do this, You have to utilize Squarespace App and Notion app in Make.

You need to set up a scenario like this,

Triggers when orders are created or updated.

  1. Squarespace > Watch Orders : Triggers when orders are created or updated.
  2. Get Order from Squarespace(Optional if all the details are present in Watch Order Node)
  3. Search Notion by Unique Squarespace ID
  4. Router to check if Search Yields any results
  5. If results, Update Notion Database
  6. Else, Create New Item in Notion
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Here’s what I made so far.

blueprint (2).json (122.7 KB)

But it doesn’t seem to actually do anything!

Could you take a look please?

The thing I’m struggling with is the 2nd node:

In the screenshot below, in my order summary, there’s a lot of data that a prospect has to input when they sign up (email, phone, address, height etc.) - I’d like all of that to be put into the notion database.

Also, how would I setup the filter on the router to work correctly?

Thanks for providing the info so far!

Hi, Sorry I can’t review what data you will be getting.

Watch Orders module, I am not sure maybe you can set it up to just listen to new orders and ignore the update and others. But, If you like to track order status and such then you will need to use Search Module to see if the order already exists there in Notion.

So, the filter will be if Record ID/ID exists then update the notion or else create new one.

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Sorry I’m not sure what you mean.

Is there an easier option around this?