Connecting Stripe to Sendinblue

I wanted to make a new scenario with stripe and sendinblue, and I’ve got some issues with the stripe part as I can’t figure out which webhook to use.
Here’s what I want to do: each time a payment is made, I would like to create a new contact in my Sendinblue app and get the following elements → name, email of the customer and the item they bought (for now I only have one payment link, but I plan to create several and I would like to be able to filter customers on what they bought).
I can’t find a webhook that allows me to have both the customer’s contact information and the item they purchased…

Thanks for your help

I’m new here but i feel the approach should be that you use the regular Stripe webhook and you make sure the customer info and items bought are passed via the object of the metadata of the checkout.session in your request body.
You’ll see the desired info populate in the metadata of the response of your webhook.

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What do you call the “regular Stripe webhook” ? I don’t find anything that manage all the infos I need…


The info (user, items) is in the app you are building, not here. The app you are building must log that user info somewhere, in a database or variable so that you can include it in the request body of your stripe checkout session, in the metadata object.

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Thanks but I’m sorry, I’m a newbie on this (and French) and I don’t understand what you said… :face_in_clouds:
I just want to check the customer name and the link which is used by him, and use them to add/update a contact in Sendinblue. I made that with Gumroad using the “Watch new sales” hook and then everything maps the right way with Sendinblue. But I can’t manage to do the same with Stripe and that’s all I want to do…
When I choose the trigger watch events, I need to choose one group and there are several groups… I tried a lot of them before posting this message but I can’t find the right one.
Anyone here who had made that successfully ?

Ah pas mal Sendinblue, ils sont 3 fois plus généreux que SendGrid dans le free tier!
Anyway, retournons à nos moutons in English please so that communaute can help too.
I see that the name and email entered by user during checkout is in the Stripe webhook response:

So you can use them in your next module after the webhook. Show us the next module after the webhook, I guess it’s the sendinblue module…?


OK but how did you find that ?
I’m stuck here…

And yes the next module is Sendinblue “Create a Contact” and then a Sendinblue “Update a Contact” as error handler when the contact already exists.

In Group, find/select checkout session or something similar.

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I don’t have the same items as you. But anyway, how can I make the informations appear as you did ? Do I need to run the scenario ? But if I do that, is there a risk that the last customer is processed ? Thanks

Select checkout:

Then run this module alone. Then test a checkout with user data. The module will receive the signal from Stripe checkout and you will see the data populate after the webhook received the data. Then attach the next module after that.

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