Consolidate tweets . "aggregate"

Hi, I am using the watch tweet module.

I then need to take the tweets and feed them into openai module. then take the output and feed it into a post in WordPress

A post could contain say 1,2,…8…20 … unique tweets and chatgpt labels that I need to add to a SINGLE post with line breaks.

Instead, when I use the aggregate function I still end up getting 1 post create per tweet.

Any advice? I am aggregating the tweet, output,etc… but in the WordPress module it just takes a single item vs the array. Thx

Hello @Amelia_AI nice to meet you.

I think we need more information. Can you please send a screenshot with your scenario after you run it, one with your aggregate function and a screenshot with the output of the module from where you aggregate?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.



output …

I tried the text aggregate now. Before was trying aggregator.

Flow is

  1. Watch tweets; let’s say 6 come through
  2. Process each tweet through gpt
  3. Collect all tweets and gpt replies
  4. Create a post that has tweet 1 & tweet 1 reply, tweet 2 and tweet 2 reply…

Hello again.

I made some tests and for me is working, can you please be sure that in Text aggregator module, you have set as source Twitter module.

Do you have something mapped in WordPress module from OpenAI module ?

This is my scenario working:

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