Aggregator Issues?

Hey guys,

So, maybe I’m a bit of an idiot, but I can’t seem to get the aggregators to aggregate… Essentially I have multiple files going into Google Cloud Vision or another OCR module processing multiple entries. I then want to take the text and aggregate it into 1 email but have struggled to make it happen. Each operation goes into the aggregator and runs it’s own operation within the aggregator. If there are 3 text submitted, each text generates it’s own aggregator operation.

Any video or resource I find about the subject implies that that aggregator needs to be connected to a ‘Source’ that is previous to the module you are actually trying to aggregate data from. Not only does that not make intuitive sense to me, it doesn’t seem to work in my case.

Don’t mean to ramble, but this issue has been super frustrating and I feel like there is a glaring whole in the usability of the platform that everyone’s ignoring.

Any ideas or clarity?

Hi @Leandrew_Dixon ,

Try to set the source to the module which outputs the 3 bundles.

Glenn - Callinetic

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I don’t know if you have read the help text on the aggregators but it is quite useful to understand. There is a good example too.

The crucial text:

The module from which the bundle aggregation will start. The source module is usually an iterator or a search module that outputs a series of bundles. Once you setup the aggregator’s Source Module (and close the aggregator’s setup), the route between the source module and the aggregator will be wrapped in a grey area to visualize the start and the end of the aggregation.

I think of the aggregators as having an input of zero or more output bundles. Then the aggregator combines the result into one output bundle. If you want to manage the data from multiple output bundles an aggregator is the way to go. Is this what you want to do? If it is not then aggregators are not for you, and some other array/object manipulation may be in order.

I just wrote a response to another topic that involved the use of 3 aggregators in a row in a scenario. Maybe that will help you too.

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