Picking Source Module in Array Aggregator?

In this Youtube video @ 3:36 by MAKE it is shown that the Source Module for the Aggregator is the second previous module “Google Drive - Watch Files in a Folder”.

Why is that? That module (Google Drive - Watch Files in a Folder) is not outputting the bundles that contain the actual filedata and filenames. The module “Google Drive - Download a File” does that…

I’m asking the above question because I’m baffled about a scenario that produces “incorrect” result, ie. an aggregator outputs 3 bundles, where I expect 1.

This happens both when I set the Aggregator Source Module as the previous as well as the second previous module:


Your PDF module is executing 3 times. So, the aggregator will execute 3 times (3 bundles).

If you want only 1 bundle, you will have to set the aggregator source to the prior module that is producing the original 3 bundles.

When it comes to aggregators, the “source” is not necessarily the module that is producing the actual data that you will be using but the module that will be producing the bundles that you want to be aggregated. The easy way to look at this is that however many times the source module is getting executed, the aggregator will get executed the same number of times, each producing a separate aggregation.

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@JimTheMondayMan Thanks for your insight. Indeed the solution was to choose an earlier module to be the Source Module. However this has introduced 2 new issues due to the nature of nested Array Aggregators (i think?)…

I’m thinking I need to restructure this path…
Hopefully you are available for the 1-on-1 i just booked for tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I will see you then.

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