Constantly missing fields

Whatever application and modules I use, I’m constantly missing some fields. It seems that only a subset of the answer fields gets exposed.

For example, this is the answer from Calendly event, but the scheduled event information isn’t accessible in later steps:

This looks like a very strange Make gap, and I don’t understand why not all fields are exposed. If you have the data, make it accessible. Can’t be that complicated.

Hi @Robert_M_Munch,

Is the Questions and Answers an array? Make renders array as an consolidated output during mapping, and you need to either use array functions or iterator to access all the details that you have in the output.


In my case, I’m interested in the red-framed information from Calendly, which isn’t available in the further steps.

If things are returned as an array, no problem, I can access those. But not having this information at all… bad luck.