Docs missing overview of answer fields

Am I the only one missing an overview & description of the answer fields for modules?

For example

It doesn’t show what is returned and which field belongs to which Calendly field.

How should I know which module to use if I don’t have a clue about the result?

It might be due to Make’s internal decision not to document the results as the mapping on the module when creating the scenario shows what is being returned by the module. Plus, Documenting constantly changing things might be cumbersome, thus perhaps the decision not to do that.

As long as the app’s API document plus the Module mapping interface is there, I think honestly it is fine as long as those two are accurate.

But that would lead to a trial & error, which module to use to get the needed information. Sounds very inefficient. Make save the effort once, and all users have to repeat the effort many times.

Because Make is not returning all fields (see my other thread Constantly missing fields), they make some decisions anyway, why not document these?