Support Levels & Unexpected Business Impact Support

Make, can you please explain the following so we can better understand Make and who is responsible for what so that we can plan for future impacts that may arise in our business, good and bad:

  1. What is the difference between Limited, Medium, and High Support?

  2. Who is responsible for maintaining the Make modules?

  3. For example, can providers control a module if they are an approved channel partner or vendor, as the providers state they cannot?

  4. What are reasonable expectations for modules being repaired, for example, if fields are not automatically promulgated; would this be considered a future update or a bug?

  5. If something were to break internally on Make’s end, what support or expectation can we have that you all will fix or help us through these issues; in addition to responding to an email?

@Michaela can you please provide your input as no one in your whole org seems to know the answer? Sounds like marketing came up with a scheme to sell users a lie unless you can define the difference?

Hi @Michael_Carpenter . My name is Bruno and I’m one of our Customer Care team leads here at Make.

While the reply to this post feels a bit unnecessary at least in its wording, your original questions are perfect valid and I’ll address them shortly.

However, I’d just like to mention that our community is intended as a Maker to Maker space, and people from our team are not always active here, and we certainly don’t see every post. The community is focused on discussing ideas and challenges with other Makers, not with our internal team, so the best way to reach out to us at Make directly in the future is by contacting our Care team. This ensures you wait less to get your answers, and that the appropriate people can help you, so that your time and ours is more effectively put to use!

  1. Quite simply, the difference is in how we prioritize getting back to you. The higher the priority, the faster you get a reply. This doesn’t always translates directly to bugs - for example, while we also do our best to prioritize higher priority customers there, issues that have straightforward workarounds are not as high priority as issues that don’t, and issues affecting more customers will be prioritized over issues affecting one or a handful.

2+3. That depends. Most apps were built by Make, and we are responsible for maintaining them. However, some apps are developed by external teams or individuals, and approved by Make. In those cases, it’s the external developer’s responsibility to maintain them. You can also create your own Custom Apps if you’re interested! In short, whoever creates the app is responsible for it, but we do have technology partners that cooperate more closely on maintaining apps available in Make. Other apps, developed by partners, are also available as add-ons and those are exclusively those partners’ responsibility.

  1. This is very broad and I cannot give you an exact example. Any addition of capabilities is a feature request that needs to be submitted here while any issue with the existing capabilities of an app or Make itself are bugs and are addressed as such. In short, adding stuff = feature request; broken stuff = bug. In most cases, at least when dealing with apps, the Make an API Call modules are readily available for you to extend the functionality that;s missing on a module if you so like. If not, we also have the HTTP modules that are even more flexible.

  2. We only provide call support to our Enterprise customers and only if that is absolutely necessary as it’s a considerable effort. Other than that, we currently provide email support exclusively. We also record video messages when deemed necessary and can guide you on achieving your goals, but implementing scenarios on your behalf is beyond the scope of our support team. If you’re not happy with our reply, please reply to the ticket again specifying how we can assist you, and we’ll be glad to do so. If you work with us, we can do our best, but if we don’t hear from you, we cannot know you need more help.

I hope this clarifies your doubts regarding the above points. As an addition, I’d like to point out that I might not notice additional replies for a while, as I myself am not as active here as I’d like to be, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Care team directly by opening a ticket should you need more help or have any lingering doubts.

Have a nice one!


@Bruno_T all I need you all to do is fix the FollowUpBoss Deal module that you all maintain as outlined below. The reason we are here today is do to 2 recent events taking out due to an unschedule update by Make, and for sloppy coding within the FollowUpBoss Deal Module that clears out values that contain alphanumerical values, that happen to end in numerical or character values! You all received the data correctly and have done nothing to fix the issue!