Support Issue

Does anyone else have issues with how long support take. ive got a scenario that stopped working last thurdays and still no help.

I was told before that id get better support when paying for the service which i happily did, but i really dont see im getting the support i need.

Just wanted to know whats other experinces are

Hi @Dean_Robinson

Generally, Make support responds quickly to emergencies and critical issues within 8-12 hours, and up to 24 hours over the weekend.

Also, Make’s 24/7 support is specifically available to Enterprise customers only (as indicated on the pricing page). It’s important to submit your tickets using the email address of the organisation used to subscribe to the Make plan, so that the automated system can correctly identify your support level (Limited/Medium/High/24-7).

If you had not provided information that elevated your ticket’s priority, it might have been assigned a normal or low priority. As a result, it might take about 10-14 working days for a response on the Teams (high-priority) plan because there are more incoming tickets than usual. Also, you submitted your ticket late last week - just before the weekend, so please be patient and wait for a response.

From your forum profile, I can see that you’re on a Free plan, therefore support is likely limited to only technical issues. However, I am certain that somebody from the support team will be with you as soon as they can in order to assist you. Feel free to keep us posted on the progress here.

I recommend that you also ask about your scenario’s error here on this forum for potentially faster help from other Make users.

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Hi @Dean_Robinson

Just to add to what @samliew mentioned earlier.

I took a moment to check the status of your ticket in our system. It seems that you opened it 4 days ago and a support agent has been responding within 24 hours of your initial ticket and any follow-ups with additional information.

If you find this response time to be longer than desired - as mentioned by Sam above - we do offer 24/7 support for users on the Enterprise plan. If that’s something you’d be interested in, you’re always welcome to explore the option of upgrading.


Definitely not on a free plan, and although yes ive had responses, we are no closer to understanding why im facing the problem i’m having but anyway it looks like i just have to wait or reset up the scenarios in zapier