Content data from Trello card to Discord as instant message

I’m trying to create a scenario where as soon as a Trello card is moved to a specific board, a message is sent to the discord with the contents of that card. I am not able to get the data from the card, the fields are blank.

I need instant action. The only instant action is Trello watch activities, where I can choose whether I want to watch Board,List or Card, but if I select a Card, it only lets me watch the specific card and not any card that appears on the board.

I’ve tried different scenarios where I can get a message on the discord but I can’t get the data from the card, only from the board or list.

Can someone please give me some advice?


Hi @FilipT,

I think you’ll need to use the “Watch Activities” Module and choose a Board. This will probably give you all activities on a given board (opposed to what you chose: “activities on a given Card”). You’ll then need to filter the correct activities i.e. moved to board XY.

I’m not very familiar with Trello but I assume you are looking for when a card is being moved from one column in a board to another? Or can you really move a card from Board-A to Board-B? :smiley:




Thanks for the advice.
Yes I have tried this in several variations, I get to the point where I get a discord notification but I can’t get description from that card.


Ah great!

I think you need to use a module „get card“ or something similar (on my phone).

I see „Board ID“ and „ID“ which is why I believe that ID is actually referring to „card ID“. I’d give this a try! :slight_smile:


I figured it out, thanks for the advice. :+1: :+1: