Contentful Rich Text Field

Hi, Hi I am using to dynamically send (simple text) data from one app to contentful app. Its a simple text e…g. abc and I have to map it to contentful entry (Which is a rich text). When I map the text to this rich text field it throws an exception
The operation failed with an error. [422 InvalidEntry] Validation error The type of “value” is incorrect, expected type: RichText

How can I resolve it?


Please verify that the “Blog Outline” field contains the data as described in the requirements. Ensure the outline includes:

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blog outline data is just plain text. I need to convert it into rich text. how to do that?

Hey @Bisma_Majeed
Rich Text is a field type that enables authors to create rich text content
So map the exact field
For more information :What is rich text? | Contentful