Continue scenario if module has zero operations

This is probably a silly question but is it possible to force a scenario to continue to the next step if the previous step had zero operations?

In this screenshot, the top row looks at Google Sheets to see if there are any new records to add to Airtable (Airtable is the slave to the Google Sheets master). If there are new records, it adds them.

The second row is similar but looks for changes to records and edits them rather than adding new records (nb: the very last step should be an upsert module, not search - it’s just an error on my part).

The problem is that if there are no new records to add in the first row then the scenario stops running after the fourth step. Is there a way to force it to continue on to the next step?



Hi @RyanCHM
If you remove the filter after google sheet action, it will go ahead even if there is no bundle generated (aka 0 result).

Also there is an option in filter you can see called fallback, I think it can come in handy with your scenario.



I would recommend putting a router as the first module then unlink 82-83 and connect 83 to the router (along with 30).

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Thank you to both @make_expert and @JimTheMondayMan. I’ve added a router and created a fallback route and it’s working just as I wanted. I’m happy!