How to continue execution if first module without data?

I’m using Watch New Rows (a Google Sheet module) and when I don’t get data I need to switch to another thread. How can I do this?

Hello @Oleksandr_Tsap,

When you say “switch to another thread”, do you mean “start another scenario”?
In this case, you could use the “Run a scenario” module from Make API.

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Hi there @Oleksandr_Tsap, to my knowledge, there’s not currently a way to have a scenario run when the initial bundle does not exist. There is a workaround that you could do for Google Sheets, that would require you to create another scenario. Here’s how:

Create a scenario that runs on a schedule, before your main scenario checks for new rows, then have that scenario create a new row and name it something specific like “automation initiation” or something that is guaranteed not to show up in your Google sheet. As a result, when your main scenario runs it will be guaranteed to execute.

Now when your scenario checks for new rows it will be guaranteed to output at least 1. And if there is new data other than what you forced in with the automation the bundle will be greater than 1. So,

No new rows: Total Number of Bundles = 1
New Rows: Total Number of Bundles > 1

Using this equality, we can create a filter that when “Total Number of Bundles” > 1 (using numeric operators) then run your main branch, and when “Total Number of Bundles” = 1, run the alternate route.

Lastly, at the end of this scenario, you can have a Google module that deletes the row that was created to ensure this scenario runs. (“automation initiation” in this case).

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It’s the perfect solution? thank you so much


Good solution too, Thank you!