Having issue with scenarios | Run once and it stopped

HI All,

I’d need the community advices on the following. I am sorry if am i sounding noob here.

i have set up specific scenario of using google sheets (watch rows) to outlook to send a message > back to google sheet to update a cell.

My eventual result to is automate email to send out to recipient(s) whenever there’s new data added or updated into a new row.

i have watched the videos and the respective tutorials and managed to set it up. However, it only works once after i clicked “run once.”

When i tried to add new data to the google sheet, the specific scenario (15 mins interval) is not running.


  1. what can i do to automate to act on the new entries only whenever a new user added the data into the new row?
  2. Does the specific scenario runs from the first entry every time when i “run once”, how can i only run when there’s a new data added into a role?
  3. I was trying to set up a filter between google sheets and outlook by having the following
    Condition: FirstName (A) Email (B) Basic operators | does not exist but it still does not work.

Here is my google sheet

Here is the error message

Received emails that my scenario has encountered errors and eventually stopped.

Thanks in advance! - Benny

Hello @Benny_Ong and welcome to the community.

1.For the scenario to run every 15 minutes as you set it, it must be set ON. Under the run once button you have the SCHEDULING button ON/OFF. Use ON and the scenario will run accordingly to your schedule.

2.As for the error you need to identify which parameter has no value on the input. The error says “missing value of one parameter”.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


Hey @Wemakefuture,

Thanks for the message.

i have turned it “on” but it is still not working. can i trouble you to look into my app and provide the necessary advice please.