Copy Custom HTTP Zapier Step to Make with HTTP Request

I have a custom step in Zapier and want to reproduce it in Make. I continue to receive errors.

Here is what I have in Zapier:
URL: https://myURL/ID_of_person.xml
Query String: BLANK
Send as JSON: Yes
JSON key: json
Unflatten: No
Basic Auth: myAPI_Key|X
Headers: BLANK

This works as a step in Zapier.

Here is what I have in Make.
HTTP Request
URL: https://myURL/ID_of_person.xml
I’m not sure where to put the Basic Auth credentials or specify Send as JSON.

Here is an example from the API documentation for GET the CRM using Curl,
curl -u 605b32dd:X

Any help would be much appreciated.


Have you tried to use the Basic Authentication module in the HTTP App? This will allow you to add a connection first, in which you store the Basic Auth credentials. After that, you can setup the request as you please.

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I found the option for login credentials with advanced slider box. Now it works.