Copy onedrive folder? File ID? Where do I find this?

Hi all,

I’m trying to automate copying a folder in onedrive or share point, seems onedrive offers more options. As share point doesn’t allow folder copying. (I would like to copy a template folder and rename it once a certain trigger is made)

I’ve read this existing thread but I cannot figure out how to get my file ID. It seems if I choose file path I can only select an individual file and not select a folder.

(you can see I’ve asked my question in there but assuming might be better to start my own thread)

It’s asking me for various IDs, like Site ID, Path ID, File ID etc.

I’ve tried searching online and just about figured out how to find Site ID.

I’m the admin and logged into my office 365 account.

It woukd be super convenient if just the folder path was an option. But seems not.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?


Hi there.

This should work …

  • Under "Enter (File ID & File Path) select “File Path” - you’ll be specifying the path of the Folder that you want the File ID for
  • Under “Enter a File Path” select “Enter manually” - you’ll either be typing the folder name or mapping it
  • Under “Choose your OneDrive location” select the appropriate Drive
  • I don’t think you need Drive ID
  • in “File Path” put the name of the folder, relative to the root of the OneDrive location (NB - there seems to be a bug that if you choose “Select from the list” in the second box, you can’t select a folder - it’s fine with names rather than list selection though)

When you run it, you should see the File ID of the folder as (confusingly) “Item ID”

Thank you.

I’ve just come across this thread too:

Which seems to answer my questions, so will give your suggestion and the other thread solution ago.

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Hi Mit, just saw this post. I was hung up on this same thing last week. Here is a screenshot of the solution that works for me. Once you get your first one to run, it will make sense from there. I was struggling to find the ID’s in OneDrive Business version but had no problem finding them for my personal account. By running the tool suggested in the other post, it brought those ID’s to the surface for me to copy and paste into the Copy File tool.

Amazing, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. This worked for me! :grinning:

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