Copy a Folder in OneDrive

Hi there,

I want to create a common folder structure for each customer by just copying a Sample folder with its subfolders to a new Path (renaming the Root Folder from “Customer” to “Peter Parker” e.g.)

Now, the OneDrive Integration provides:

  • “Move File/Folder”
  • “Copy File”
  • “Delete File/Folder”

Why is copy the only function that’s only available for files and does not work for folders?

Hi @Frank_dev4 ,

The description and naming of the module might be deceptive. You can just use the “Copy File” module and also copy folders. Just give the ID of the folder as “File ID” and you will be able to copy the whole structure.



Hi Bjorn,
Thanks for the answer, that’s simple but not intuitive ^^.

Maybe an idea for an optimization in Make or the Plugin (not sure who develops what here).

Should I link someone to the topic?