Copy page content into another page


I’m trying to copy a database item to another database. The issue comes when trying to copy the content from the database A item to the database B item.

This is the scenario to obtain items from database A, create a new item into database B and then obtaining the content of the page:

Note: I’ve tried also getting the content using make: “List page content” and it’s also fine, the issue comes when trying to copy this content into the database B.

Using “Append page content” does not work well as I’ve to map the kind of content than is going to be copied over and this might change from an item to another. That’s why I tried to use the API Call:

My issue is on how to map the array “results” from the output of module 15 into the body of the API call for appending children blocks.


Thanks in advance,

Hi there.

If I understand your description correctly, I would say that you can use the “Create JSON” module before the API Call. In this module, you would need to define the data structure that fits the “children” structure. (You can actually use the data structure generator and generate the data structure by using a sample JSON code. Then, with the correct data structure, you should be able to map the desired values into the JSON module. This module then creates the JSON string for you and you can map this string into the “Body” field of the Make an API Call module.

Hope this helps.