Core or Pro plan?

Just getting started with Make and considering options for a paid plan. I don’t know enough yet to know whether Core or Pro would suit our needs better. I need to make a recommendation to management.

Support never answered my question about the 300+ Make endpoints in Pro and above. What are they?

Explain it like I’m five.

Since I am on Free Plan, I can’t actually suggest which to choose Core or Pro plan.

There are advantages to using Pro Plan although they allow the same number of operation usage per month, for eg, You can use Custom Variables and Scenario Inputs which is the major difference between those two. Furthermore, it depends on your use cases as well, as there are a few things like the maximum size of the file that a scenario can handle. You can go through most of them on Pricing Page.

Make provides a set of APIs that you can use to fetch various resources from Make, including allowing you to use Make App in Make itself, for scenario-related stuff like listing operation usage per scenario, running scenario/triggering scenario via their API, so it includes basically everything that you can do with Make via API that you can integrate programmatically or within Make itself to gain various insights. You can read their document here,