Create a Google Shared Drive and create a Google Document

Hi, currently I’m creating a that when a new response is done on a Google Form, it create a Google Shared Drive.

After that, the last step is to create Google Document.
Create Google Doc 1

When it comes to choose the Shared Drive, I wanted to know if is possible to choose the one that’ll be create previously on the flow ? Like by adding the line item or something.

Or maybe, I’ll have to separate the last step in a different scenario ? Thank you!

Unfortunately not @Wally since there is no “map” option. However what you could do is:

  • Create the document somewhere standard
  • Use the google drive module to move the file to a new location
  • The new location can be mapped to the drive file created before
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Thanks for your reply @Bjorn.drivn

So basically, you advice me to already have a folder on Shared Drives and to move the newest Google Document generated on the folder ?

@Wally I recommend you to have 1 “default” folder where you generate all your custom documents.
Then inside of your scenario, you can still create a custom google drive folder for each form submission. Once you created this folder, you move the document to this new folder (also in the same scenario)

Got it, thank you @Bjorn.drivn