Create a Scenario from BigCommerce Newsletter Subscribers

Hi We want to create a scenario based on when someone subscribes to the newsletter on our BigCommerce website.
Do I need to use the Custom API finctionality?

Can you give a bit more detail about what you’re trying to accomplishT?


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In the current connection to BigCommerce no event/webhook is generated when a user subscribes to a newsletter.
Once I have the event/webhook I can then create a scenario to send an email to the customer and add a followup task to our Zoho CRM

I don’t know much about BigCommerce so I won’t even pretend to try and implement something with it.

That said, if I take a step back, this is what I see:

Someone subscribes to your newsletter on your website and that subscription calls a webhook that runs whatever it is you want to happen after the user subscribes. In this case, your Make scenario would handle all of the steps and dispatch commands to BigCommerce and Zoho.

If the Make integration doesn’t include the functionality you want to trigger in BigCommerce, then you would need to make arbitrary API calls to your BigCommerce store.

If you haven’t done it, it might be a good idea to draw the flow of events in your process to give you an idea of where the integration points are.