Create a 'Sync' Between Airtable and Google Sheets

I’m looking to create a ‘sync’ between Airtable and several Google Sheets.

What I already have setup

  • Records start in Airtable. They are assigned to team members and added as rows to different Google Sheets (this is already complete)

What I would like to set up:

  • Push Updates to Sheets (on demand): When I make an update in Airtable, press a button to ‘push’ the update to the relevant Google Sheet
  • Pull Updates to Airtable (on demand): When I want to update Airtable, press a button to ‘pull’ the update from the relevant Google Sheet
  • Pull Updates to Airtable (hourly): I would like to pull updates, from the various Google Sheets, for all ‘live’ records
  • Push Updates to Sheets (hourly): I would like to push updates, from Airtable, to all Google Sheets if they are ‘live’ records.

For the “Pull” functionality, I’ve got a script that someone developed for me (I’m waiting for a response from them as well). When I run it I get a SyntaxError. I’ve also got a Make Automation setup to listen for the WebHook. I don’t know how to code so I’m not sure where the issue is.


It is possible that the request at line 26 doesn’t return a valid JSON payload and therefore airtable fails to parse the response (returnedPayload object) as JSON at line 27.

You might want to print (for instance via output.text() method - Airtable Scripting) the returnedpayload object as a whole, or perhaps via a returnedpayload.getText() method or similar if that exists, to find out how the response looks like.

Perhaps the webhook address is not valid, not running or doesn’t accept your request.

It’s all guessing but this could help you started.

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Thank you, Steven (@Loopz)! - I’ll give this a try over the weekend to see if that helps.
After further investigation it seems like the script still runs and gives me the output I need… And, I don’t want an error lingering around so I’ll experiment with it.