Create an automation solution for numerous customers

Hello everyone.

I work in a digital signage company for numerous clients all over France (real estate agencies).

We’d like to offer our customers an effective and innovative solution for automating video uploads to social medias : YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

What we want to implement :

  1. Our Platfom :
    A platform for our customers containing a form where the user enters photos of their property. Once the photos have been added, we take care of generating a video via Creatomate, an automatic online generation tool.
    Before generating the video via Creatomate, we ask the customer where they’d like to post the video (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). In any case, YouTube is imposed on the customer as the “centerpiece” of our Make scenario.

  2. In Make :
    A scenario for every customer (hundreds of them)
    A small photo example:

Our main question is:
How do we connect hundreds of customers without having to use their login details?
We use OAuth2 for the connection and have a Google application that takes care of creating an oAuth ID for each customer (YouTube Data API).

So far, our scenario works in development, but we haven’t yet found a solution for production…

Thanks in advance,

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If you want to upload media on the customer’s Facebook Pages, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. then you will have to create a connection for each account. So to answer your question - No it is not possible to connect hundreds of customers without having to use their login details.