CREATE AN IMAGE: Bannerbear Image Url remains empty


I tried to use the “get an image” module with Bannerbear but the data returned is incomplete. For instance the Image url keeps coming back empty although the Bannerbear log for the image created has an url. It doesn’t report the info in the Integromat Get an image module response.

can you help me get the URL?


The status shows as pending. You should add a delay before to get the image so Bannerbear has the time to process.

Hello @Bako_RAMBININTSOA Ma’am,

In the Scenario use something like this. Auto Generating Images with Integromat - Bannerbear and use sleep module as sir, @loic.wiseflow said…

I know Abyssale works instantly to generate images, no need to deal with some delay shenanigans :slight_smile: