Dev tool hasn't worked for me for months in brave, error: extercoom not available

I’ve been unable to use the integromat dev tool extension for months now I only ever see the error message “extercomm not available”

Clicking on dev tools help doesn’t do anything. Using brave. All shields and add blockers turned off.

Anyone know about this, it seems completely undocumented, and make has been hobbled for me now for some time.

I wonder also if full error messages could be returned to make instead of even requiring this add on tool, which frankly, is irritating to use anyways?

Hi :wave: and thanks a lot for bringing this up here.

Troubleshooting this might be a bit tricky through the community. Have you, by any chance, tried reinstalling the dev tool?

While there’s a chance someone in the community might have faced a similar issue and can help out, it’s probably best to open a support ticket for a more in-depth investigation. The support team can check this out “from the inside” and is, therefore, able to dig deeper into the problem.

Hey @Michaela, I Tried reinstalling. I’m wondering if the issue is with brave somehow? Suppose I’ll ping support, they are usually very helpful.

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