Create draft in gmail as an answer to a received email

Hi, I’d love to create a draft in gmail. The idea is to click on a conversation and the draft sits there, ready to send.

Is that possible?

It’s certainly possible to create draft emails in Gmail with Make. The main question is, is there a particular type of email that you receive that you’d usually be wanting to prepare automatic drafts for?

Anything that can help “identify” which received emails you want to have create a draft for will help reduce unnecessary drafts from being created.

For example, you can have a Make scenario that starts with a Gmail “Watch emails” module. You can specify the filter to look for emails which have a particular label applied. Then you can add a 2nd Gmail module “Create a draft email” that connects on from the first module, allowing you to create a draft email automatically.

Then your workflow in Gmail is to apply that particular label to any email you want to have a draft created for, and Make will do the rest.

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I think the OP wants to create a draft as reply-to for any incoming emails, I need to check if that is possible to do through API as the existing Create a Draft module doesn’t allow to do that.

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