Create dynamic Google Form or similar App

Hi everyone, I have a perhaps stupid question, but have not been able to find a suitable answer. I would like to build a scenario that starts when an email arrives on an account. In the next step I read an ID from the email and save the ID in a spreadsheet. Now I want to send the user a link to a form. I want to fill in the previously read ID on the form beforehand so that I can assign the answer to the question later. Question: How do I do this and what is the appropriate form app for this?

Second problem: I want to compare certain data from one spreadsheet with the data from another spreadsheet in a filter and then send an answer based on the filtering. I have found the filter function (not that hard) what I cannot do is to load the data of a second or third spreadsheet into the scenario to be able to compare them in the filter.
Thanks for your answers

First Answer: The Jotform has the facility to create dynamic forms and prefilled fields.

Second Answer: Try to use the array aggregator to aggregate the data from the second and the third spreadsheets and then use Contains function. The output will be either true or false. So that way you can assess whether the comparing value is available in sheet two or three data or not.

This is one economical way of doing this however other community members can also share their ideas.

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thanks.Unfortunately, I have the following problem with Jotform:
I have the following problem. Build a scenario in two steps and integrate Jotform into it.
Scenario 1 The trigger is the arrival of an email on a certain account. I read an ID from the subject of the email and save the ID in a googlesheet. That’s it. So far so good and no problem.
2nd scenario and now comes the question: The trigger for the second scenario is the addition of a row (the ID from the first scenario) in the googlesheet. When a row is added, I want the ID from the new Excel row to be taken as the title in the Jotform and I can add more form fields. This works quite well. The problem is that via the function “Create Form”, a whole new form is created each time. This doesn’t make sense because it artificially inflates the number of forms and each form has to be stored again. What I want to do is to insert the ID in the title of an already existing form and then send the link to this form to a user. This user then receives the form with the pre-filled ID and only completes the other fields. I save the data from the completed form again in another googlesheet (saving the completed form is no problem).
What can I do?



In this case, the form will be used for one user at a time. Because the title will be very specific to the current user.

I think the best way to send the ID in the email body and ask the user to fill it in themselves.

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Hi and thanks again for your support. I have found another solution. There is no way to use make for my problem. I had to take out this step of make and use Zapier instead. There is a function, which alows me to send a prefilled form to a user.