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I have a scenario that activates when a woocommerce order is received and gets all the info from that order into Make. I would like to create in the same scenario a “draft forward email” when a condition is met (Invoice Created). It should work like this:

When invoice is created for Order 123, find in Gmail the email containing the subject “order 123” draft a forward of that email. Attach the created Invoice, add some text, and save it in drafts.

Besides the email part the whole scene is working. JSON attached

I can then open the draft, check and see if nothing needs to be changed and hit send. (cannot send without verifiying the contacts)

blueprint (9).json (168.0 KB)

Hi @timstijntjes

If your need is to make a draft email, you can utilize the “Gmail: Create a draft” feature. If this doesn’t address your concern, please create a Loom video explaining your issue…

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Well, kind of , but first I need to find the email in gmail with the invoice number, take that email, make a draft to forward that email. I cannot figure out how to get to those steps;

  1. find email with invoice 123
  2. save a draft of the forward of that email, adding some text and an attachment

Hi @timstijntjes

Kindly provide additional information along with the email results so that we can explore methods to detect and recover the information associated with invoice number 123.


Find the “order number” in email subject:

and draft the email to be saved in drafts:

Hi @timstijntjes :wave:,
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