Gmail Draft - Isn't an actual Draft

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows a solution/reason for this.

This is my current scenario and it works right up until the end.
It gets a row from the googlesheet, inputs it into my invoice template, converts it to PDF, re-uploads it to my drive and then creates a draft email with it the invoice attached.

The problem is it isn’t an actual draft, the email is there, in the folder i specificed, it has the invoice attached but it’s not an editable draft, it’s more like an email, so if i was to then resend it have to foward the email.

It has the correct email in the “To” section but for sender it says (Unknown Sender)

Does anyone have an idea why it may be doing this?

Thank you.

@DebbieBee Good question, seems like a Draft is only created if you use the Drafts folder.
In the folder, map the value and use [Gmail]/Drafts

This should help you out.


Hello Bjorn,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.
Annoyingly I had thought that could have been a problem and I really thought I had tested it, I think becuase i’ve been ill past 2 weeks I didn’t realise that I hadn’t actually tested it, but thought I had :woman_facepalming:

Thank you for taking the time to help, it’s working perfectly now
Much appreciated!