Create google form without user login to answer it

Hello makers,

Is there a way to create a google form (using make connectors), and set it up in the way that when users receive it the do not need to ling to answer it?

So far I’ve tried all possible solutions, but I cannot figure out how to perform that setting (I know how to do it manually in google forms, but I need to do it while creating the form from make).

Thanks in advance

It depends on the api call for google forms. Are you using a built in module for google forms? Create form if it exists may have this option.


The native forms connectors has the action “Create Form” but I cannot see any setting (nor advance setting) that allows to set if login is required by the user.

Then you’ll need to use make api module and see if the google forms api supports this feature.


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Yes, the Google Forms “Create a Form” module by default, does not require sign-in with a Google account to respond to the form.

Actual form that it created: Test Form 1 (view in Incognito/Private browsing)

As you can see, sign-in is Optional:

According to I'd like my Google Form to not require sign in when they go to fill out the form - Google Docs Editors Community, there are some items in Forms that will require people to be logged into a Google account. This includes:

  • Only allowing people to respond one time (they need the account to tally who has already responded.)
  • Asking for email addresses (spam/phishing prevention)
  • Allowing responders to edit their response (need to verify who is editing)
  • Sending a response email (need to know where to send it)
  • Asking people to upload files (they get uploaded to their own Drive first)

So, simply ensure all these are left to their defaults (empty or unselected):


Wow, thanks for such a rich response. Anyway, I tried, and I guess some additional setting must be done somewhere as in my case, even in incognito, it keeps asking for login:


Again, go to this Defaults > Form defaults section (under any form), and turn off “Collect email addresses by default”.

You must have overridden this setting, causing all new forms to collect emails, therefore requiring login.


Then, for each existing form that you want to make public/anonymous, switch off these three settings


Thanks for your patience @samliew.

As I said, I tried those setting, but still not allowing anonymus access. I have discovered that it it’s related to a setting that is set for each form, that is not allowing users outside our org, even if we don’t wan’t to track user email. Is there a way to change that default at Google Admin level? does it have an impact in all other workspace tools?

Hmm, looks that that is truly a form-level setting, and I can’t find any references online to disable it for the entire organisation.

Can't open a form - Google Docs Editors Help and 如何与外部用户共享表单  |  Google Workspace Knowledge Center

I think the only workaround I can think of is create a separate account outside of the organisation, then use the Google Drive API/share link module to automatically share newly created forms with your account in the organisation.