How do I autofill and submit response to Google Form?

I’m trying to create a scenario where I want to auto-fill responses to the google form but I’m unable to do so.
I’m using ‘update a form’ module and there’s no option to write any response.

Item action > Update Item > Item type ‘Text Item’ >> Location - 0
That’s it and there’s module to get/list responses but no module to write or update responses on the form itself.

How do I achieve it?

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That is correct, Google Forms doesn’t allow anyone to create or update a response via the API.

This is not a Make issue, contact Google forms to add this feature first.

For more information, see REST Resource: forms.responses  |  Google Forms  |  Google for Developers

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I saw this video

Where they were able to update/add responses too but its an 2 year old guide.
Did google remove that api recently or within these 2yrs?