Create google keep connection

I want to create google-keep connection from this tutorial*1a67w4c*_ga*NDI4MDQ5OTY4LjE2OTIxOTA3NTI.*_ga_MY0CJTCDSF*MTY5NTYyNzM2Ny4xNDUuMS4xNjk1NjI4MDYxLjMyLjAuMA..&_ga=2.230827295.1269893299.1695617654-428049968.1692190752

but I stuck on stages number 8-11. When I go to Admin panel I should create new and put Client ID, but there I need another field called Oauth scopes. Where I can got them??
Without stages 8-11 I get an error

What I should do with this?

In this google documentation I didnt find scopes for google keep

Google Keep API is not available for personal accounts ( You can only connect to a Google Workspace account.


I know this, and I use google workspace account. What scopes I should add in admin panel?