Google Keep integration : Error 400: invalid_scope

I’ve been trying to make a google keep integration (using this tutorial: Google Keep) but it’s not as simple as the tutorial makes it look. When i try to manually add the missing scope it says it’s not valid so i went to take a look at the list of valid APIs and google keep doesn’t seem to be there at all. Is this connection dead?

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I get the same thing.

same, +1 (and counting)

Any additional informations about this issue.

Get the same thing.

Hello everyone @here :wave:

I’m really sorry about the headaches this is causing you.

Could you please give it a go like this? :arrow_down:

  1. Do the steps that are already mentioned in the docs.
  2. Go to the Google Admin.
  3. Menu on the left side of the window. Security > Access and data control > API controls
  4. Click Manage Domain-Wide Delegation (Section at the bottom of the page).
  5. Click Add new.
  6. In the “Client ID” field, paste the client ID that you got in Create credentials step before.
  7. In the “OAuth Scopes” field, enter:
  11. Click Authorize.
  12. Use “Client Id” and “Client Secret”, that you got in Create credentials step before, for connection creation inside the app on Make.

Just a note: Google Workspace account is needed here because this API is premium

Feel free to come back and let us know if this did the trick for you.

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Thank you so much for this update, it works perfectly

Awesome @Cedric1

Thanks a lot for stepping back and confirming that this helped to do the trick :pray:

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Thank you for helping us solve this issue!

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Heya @Yaser_B welcome to the community :wave:

I’m really happy that the suggested solution works for you folks :blush: