Create Jira issue when pipedrive stage is updated without duplicates


I am trying to setup an automation with Pipedrive and Jira

Whenever pipedrive deal stage is updated, I want tickets to be created in Jira. This automation is running fine. The only issue i am facing is that whenever the automation is run - It is creating jira tickets for all deals in that stage.

Example: I have 20 deals in Stage A in Pipedrive. I run the automation in Make and 20 ticktes are created in Jira which is what i want. However, next time the automation in Make runs - it created all 20 ticktes again.

I want an automation where in jira tickets are created only for new deals in Stage A and not for all deals.

Is there a solution for this?

You can use the search module which will search for the deal in pipedrive. If it already exists then a new ticket will not be raised

Deal Id or maybe Person ID I am not sure

Hello Automation2024,

Thanks for the revert,

I have something like this

Yeah, that’s perfect. Now in filter, You can search If

Or search with deal ID. Something will work

Tried various combos. Not working

I think the issue is that your trigger is List Deals in a Pipeline - which is returning all the deals in that pipeline, every time.

You might be better using the New Deal Event trigger. You’d then add a filter on the path to the next module.

If you only want new Deals, then filter on Event = added.

If you want existing Deals where the stage is updated to a specific value, then filter on Event = updated and where the current Stage ID matches your stage, but the previous stage is different. Note that you need the Stage ID here, not the Stage name.

If you want new and existing Deals, then you need to combine both options as an OR filter.