Create Line Items in Quickbooks Online

Hi, I need help creating Quickbooks Online Invoice.

I intend to push the data from my Airtable base to create invoice on QBO.

The Airtable data has information on the client, invoice created/due date, shipping amount, discount, and line items (along with their event date, rate, and amount).

Line Items data is in array format. However, the other data (client, invoice created/due date, shipping amount, discount) is in text. The text data is doable. However, I need help processing the array items into the required format.

I have tried using Data Store to temporarily store the line items but was unable to ‘group’ the line items by the invoice number. I have reached out to the Make support but this process is beyond their scope. I have opened the help center (Quickbooks API - Create recurring transaction - variable number of line items - #3 by Howard_Jennings) but this unfortunately doesn’t provide the solution.

In short, I need help processing this:

into this

Any help here guys?

I’m open to sharing screenshot of my scenario. Let me know what is needed to solve this problem.


Have you tried using the map() function to extract the values and simply creating a text string with your new json structure ?

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This is a snip of my scenario that works creating QBO invoices with variable number of line items. I’m getting the data from SugarCRM, but the principal should be the same.

I first use an Array module to get all of the records that need to be on the invoice.

My invoices have 4 products, but there could be several of each product. I’ve created a data store that collects the product information from SugarCRM (in my case). In my case each product is added to the DB separately, so there are 4 “Add/replace a record” modules. Once all of the products are added I use a “Array Aggregator” module to count how many records there are in the Array module.

I then get the records from the DB and send them to an “array aggregator”

the next module is another Array module and Array aggregator pair.

I then get the customer from QBO and set some variables I need for my invoices.

I then create the invoice.

It’s important to delete all the records in the DB at the start and the end and also at any error points. If you don’t start with an empty DB your invoices will be wrong.

I hope this helps.

BTW, I still can’t create recurring transactions. Probably because no one actually understands what I’m talking about LOL


Could you please show me what your collect line items and send items to invoice consist of.

The collect line items simply maps to the previous Array agregator

This allows the indivdual line items to then be sent

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Thanks Howard, What does the scenario data start as? (i.e. is it JASON, text, or something else?) Is there a way you can share the scenario or show me how that data turns into the array? I understand you add many fields using switches on top of the it. But I’m trying my best to do something similar to what you have going on with the array converting to line items. So far your scenario is the closest thing to what I’m trying to achieve.

Hi, happy to, although I’m away until next week. Where are you? It might be easier to have a teams or a phone call. I’m in the UK now