Generating Quickbooks Invoice from Airtable - How to map Category field?

Hello community,

I’m trying to generate an invoice in QuickBooks Online using info pulled from Airtable. Each invoice contains just one single line item. So far, nearly everything is working correctly: all client info from Airtable coming in as expected, as well as name of item, pricing, item description, payment terms and type.

The only variable I’m having trouble with is the service category. In Airtable I have a field called “Service Category”(it’s a text string). I just don’t know how to map it to the correct QuickBooks Online field in

I appreciate any suggestions for setting this up!


If you created an invoice manually in QBO, what field would you use for the Airtable Service Category?

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your question. When I create the invoice manually in QBO, it would go in the Product/Service field as follows:

In the above example, the service (Gears of Teamwork Bike Building) is in the category “Charitable”.

And here’s how I want the invoice to appear to clients:

Note that our invoices always consist of only a single line item.

Assuming you have the product set up in QBO already, you can use Module QBO Search for items.

Then use item id from above to in Array aggregator.

Yes!! That did it!

Tom, thanks so much for your help with this. I really appreciate it!