Quickbooks - default service settings with Create Invoice

i am designing a scenario in which I create an invoice from Quickbooks. I want to use the default description and rate that exists in Quickbooks.

For example, if I login to QB and create an invoice, select Service A, the invoice is filled with a description and rate.

When I use Create Invoice in Make and select Service A, none of the description or rate information is displayed in the invoice. It requires me to enter it or the information is left blank on the invoice.

Is there a way to have Quickbooks fill the information based on the information already stored in QB?

I could do a Service Item lookup but I was hoping that this could be done in an easier way.

Hey @finetune - I completely feel where you’re coming from on this as I just ran into this myself. You’re unfortunately correct that doing a Service Item lookup is going to be one of your only options here other than storing information about a service in something like a Make.com Datastore to be passed in.

I’m going to do some digging into the Quickbooks API to see if this is a limitation of Make currently or is a limitation of their API. Either way, it’s not very intuitive and I completely understand the frustration around it. If I find something in the API that indicates otherwise where you can just make a custom API call to Quickbooks that automatically populates service properties, I’ll let you know!

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