Quickbooks API - Create recurring transaction - variable number of line items

I’m trying to create a new invoice and then create a recurring transaction for it in QuickBooks. The invoice is easy. However, there is no module for the recurring transaction endpoint. Using the “Make an API call” module I am able to create a recurring transaction with a fixed number of line items, but our invoices have a variable number, depending on what the client has purchased and this is what I am struggling to do.

Has anyone successfully managed to do this?

Hi @Howard_Jennings
Since you already able to create a recurring invoice with fixed no. of line items through Make API Call, the next step will be dynamically adding line items, which you can do with JSON app. With JSON app in Make you can create aggregate multiple bundles into one JSON object, which you can map to line item field/array in your API call.

And that is my problem, I need help doing that bit. I’ve done it using the “Create invoice” module, but that because the coding has already been done in the module.

We actually need the Recurring Transaction endpoints added to the QuickBooks app

Hi @Howard_Jennings,

You don’t need this endpoint to be added to make this work. You can always request it but it might be years before it is added if ever. If you really want to do this via a dedicated module you would need to build your custom app and that would be way pricier than just having a pro build the scenario leveraging the Make API module.

There are many ways to generate the line item array, @make_expert gave you some good pointers.

See below how the scenario could look like:

Hi. Thanks for your response. That’s what I thought. Could I see how the JSON module is formatted?

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