Create or update customer in RMM

Hello Everyone!

I’m pretty new to Make but I have already become further than I thought :slight_smile:

After integrating multiple APIs (CRM/INVOICING/RMM/…)

I want to do a pretty basic step:

  1. Get Specific Customer from CRM (OK)
  2. Get List of Customers in RMM tool (OK)
    3a. If Customer.1 does not exist → create customer in RMM
    3b. If Customer.1 does exist → update customer in RMM


Filter “create customer”

Filter “update customer”

When the customer does not exist → All customers hit to variable “Create Customer” (38 times)
When the customer does exist → All Customers hit to variable “Create Customer” (37 times) , except the matched one, this one hits “Update Customer”

Can anyone please explain me how to get this working? :slight_smile: Many many thanks!

Hello, in your solution, i think if you get the “name” array and search if the customers Name exists in the array, i could fix your problem. Use your own mapping, but i tried to give a mapping closer to you case.


Hi @Lefteris

first of all, thank you for helping me out!

The data I got from Atera:ListCustomers are bundles of collections


How do I align them in the formula? I cannot select the “collection” on the filter (reference in your screenshot)

I have tried to first of all create an array with Customer Names:

And used this filter:

→ but no luck :slight_smile:

Hello!! If you delete the map function and keep only the 67.array you think it should work.


Ok, I tried :slight_smile:

but it filters on this now:


Although the customer is in the array


Any idea?


I have solved my problem by using another type of solution:

The “Customer Found?” var:

And now I just filter after the router on the var.

Anyway, thanks for your assistance!