How to filter an array in an array?

I’m a bit stuck here. I need to check if a customer already exists in my HTTP request from crm:

This is the output from my HTTP request:


I need to verify if for example “Company A” exists in one of the collections in “client” Array under “company[1]”. (is seems to be always 1 company value in the array “company”)

I want to get the result in a variable (True or False)

Can somebody give me a tip :slight_smile:

I guess I found it :slight_smile:

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Hello there @Kristof_Swinnen :blob_wave:

I just wanted to jump in and say congrats on solving this one on your own :clap: . It’s awesome to see that you got the ball rolling.

Also, thank you very much for getting back to us and sharing your solution with the community. This is super valuable stuff and can be incredibly helpful to many users down the road :pray:

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