Preventing Duplicate Customers from being added into CRM

Hi there! I’m incredibly new to using this software, and I’m just needing a quick assist, or a point in the right direction.

I want to import customers from Shopify with certain tags on their customer profile into Pipedrive CRM. In testing, it works. But when it runs again, it creates the same customers again in Pipedrive.

How can I set up this connection to import only customers who haven’t been imported before? Apologies if this is basic, but I am trying to solve this issue for my bosses quickly.


Kyle G.

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Every time you want to avoid creating duplicates, you have to perform a search first.

Then, create a filter so that the “Create” module only runs when there are no results.


Thank you for the reply!

Ok, so I think I built it, but when I run it again, I get the duplicates added still.

I’m actively working through it with good 'ole fashioned trial and error, but if you can point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Did you map anything from Shopify into Pipedrive?

E.g.: Search a customer’s email from Shopify in Pipedrive (assuming you identify customers by email).

So you need to put the Shopify email into Pipedrive “search/query” field (whatever that might be – I can’t tell you the exact field because I don’t use Pipedrive).

If that field is Term – you are inserting a “1” into it, so it returns a random customer, which definitely exists, so the filter lets it through.


I’ve not mapped anything specifically, just what is already available on the menus.

The flow I’m wanting is: I have customers in Shopify with a specific Tag (Let’s call it “Wholesale”). The first step, I’m assuming is to search my Shopify for the tag “Wholesale”.

Then, per your suggestion, I’m going to search Pipedrive for those emails that match the ones returned by Shopify.

Next, the filter that will compare what is in Pipedrive already to what the search returned.
Finally, we want to create a customer in Pipedrive if their email doesn’t exist.

Is this flow looking correct?

Hooray! That works, thank you for your help so much!

Now, I’m having a new problem though: I’m hitting the API Rate Limit on Pipedrive for the search function (10 requests every 2 seconds).

Is there a way I can set the search to execute one call every second, rather than the 14 calls within one second it was failing at every time?

Kyle G.

Usually what we’ll do is add a sleep module before the API call


This worked. Thank you SO MUCH!

Kyle G.

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