Creating a Google Calendar Event & Add Existing Zoom Meeting

Appointments are Booked in Acuity Scheduling. Acuity creates a Zoom Meeting and attaches it to the appointment.

I am using Make to create a Google Calendar event with the appointment details and invite the person who scheduled it as a guest to the Google Calendar event. It works great.

The only thing I can’t figure out is how to add the Zoom meeting data to the event. I’m putting the Zoom details in the description. But I would really like to have it show up under the “video conferencing area” instead.

I am isolating the zoom url and mapping it to the “location” field.

This is how it shows up in the event it creates:

So I’m looking for a way I can map it to the “Video Conferencing” area insted.

I found this and tried it but wasn’t able to make it work.How to add a URL or Zoom Meeting ID to Google Calendar via API - Stack Overflow
I did a PUT API call to the event that was just created in the previous step.

I’m really pleased with how the scenario is working overall but I would really like to crack the final piece and get the video conferencing to show the Zoom link. Any ideas?

Hello @AlishaSadeski

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The API call looks good. It will return an error?
Or it will add this information in a different area?