Attempting to create a new appointment for a friend using Acuity

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This is my first post here. Disclaimer: I’m pretty green when it comes to all this. I’m a low-to-no code guy whose only just started learning the ropes here at Make. I thought I would set myself a fairly straight-forward and simple first task and create a booking chatbot for a friend. They use Acuity scheduling on their Squarespace page, so the idea was to use a webhook to pass on the info from the bot to Acuity.

They provided their acuity credentials and I set up two scenarios, one to check for availability and one to create a new appointment. The availability scenario worked just fine. I was able to make the call to their calendar and return the open hours and dates.

However, the booking scenario hit a 403 error, even though I was logged in with the same credentials.

I contacted Acuity scheduling and they acknowledged that support existed, but then mentioned the possibility of needing to upgrade to their “Powerhouse plan” for direct access to the Acuity API.

Out of curiosity, I looked through’s template scenarios for Acuity and noticed there weren’t any that ended with creating a new appointment. (They all started with a new appointment being created, then fed to somewhere else like Slack or Google calendar). That got me wondering, it it possible to Create an Appointment or is this feature limited by the direct API access thing?

For my current scenario (I’ve attached image), I’m getting all the variables from the webhook and mapping to the fields on the scheduling module, but I’m hitting the 403 error (even though I have logged in with the credentials and mapped the correct calendar ID)

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Hi, the problem was solved. Simple error involving dual credentials for same location. Feel free to delete the question (I can’t myself).



Heya @EasyAI :wave:

I just want to quickly jump in to say that it’s great to hear that the issue got resolved. Also, thank you very much for stepping back in here to update us on the status of this. :pray:

I think it would be a shame to delete this topic. Instead, I will mark your comment as a solution so that we have this info here for others who might potentially run into a similar issue in the future.


Right on. Maybe it will inspire people to triple check their credentials in such cases!

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