Acuity Scheduling automation

How can I create the following automation: In my calendar, for the next 14 days (days can vary), Tuesdays at 2:00 PM and Thursdays at 11:00 AM should be blocked. Additionally, if appointments are cancelled or need to be rescheduled, the slot should become available again. I would hard code it if there’s an option in Additional information: I use Acuity Scheduling for my calendar


Just wanted to gain more information about your workflow requirements before suggesting a possible solution. When an appointment is created in Acuity, to which app are you trying to sync this information?


To ensure that internal employees can only see the Onboarding appointments in the calendar, while allowing external customers and other participants to book the Onboarding, dummy appointments should be created using Acuity Scheduling. These dummy appointments are meant for visibility to the internal staff only. Ideally, these dummy bookings should be scheduled at the beginning of each week for four weeks ahead. For example, in week 32, appointments for week 35 would be blocked for internal viewing but remain open for bookings by external customers.