Acuity Scheduling > Input latest appointment (lead + details) into an email sent to me

I want to schedule appointments with clients. Whenever a new appointment is created by prospects, it should be emailed to me (along with a poem created by Claude) and also inputted in google sheets.

The problem right now is that I put:

AS Watch Appointments Webhook > AS Get Appointment >
Router > Anthropic Claude > Gmail
Router > Google Sheets
(See “Workflow 1”)

All worked well EXCEPT the AS webhook and AS Get Appointment. The AS gET Appointment only displayed an appointment I manually selected, and NOT THE LATEST - the “GGUGUGU gugugu” appointment was NOT the latest appointment (See “Pic 2”)

What module should I use for AS to automatically send the latest appointment to my email?

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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There are no output bundles, apparently. Json blueprint attached.
blueprint.json (134.7 KB)

Help me please! :slight_smile: Now the blueprint is not even working.

To streamline appointment scheduling with clients, an automated workflow has been devised, aimed at notifying the user via email and updating a Google Sheets document whenever a new appointment is created by prospects. The workflow consists of several modules orchestrated to handle various tasks seamlessly. However, a discrepancy has been noted in the functionality of the AS Watch Appointments Webhook and AS Get Appointment modules, resulting in the latest appointment not being accurately fetched for processing.

Upon examination of the workflow, it’s evident that the AS Get Appointments module fails to retrieve the latest appointment reliably, as observed from the appointment “GGUGUGU gugugu,” which was not the most recent. This inconsistency undermines the efficiency of the workflow, as it relies on accessing the latest appointment data to trigger subsequent actions. Consequently, the user is unable to promptly receive notifications and update records for new appointments.

To address this issue effectively, a revised approach is proposed. Firstly, an adjustment is needed to ensure the AS Get Appointments module accurately fetches the latest appointment. Following this, the workflow should incorporate a sorting mechanism to arrange appointments chronologically, facilitating the identification of the most recent appointment. Additionally, the workflow should include actions to generate a personalized poem using Anthropic Claude and send an email notification to the user with details of the latest appointment.

By implementing these modifications, the workflow will achieve its intended purpose of promptly notifying the user of new appointments and updating the Google Sheets document accordingly. This refined workflow enhances efficiency and reliability, ensuring seamless appointment management for the user and fostering better client engagement. Further testing and refinement may be necessary to validate the effectiveness of these adjustments and optimize the workflow for consistent performance.
Best Regards
Make Expert help!

Yeah but through what? What module should I add?

The thing is that the workflow isn’t working fully too, even with the router.

Problems are:

  1. When I use “Watch Appointment” with, the FirstName, LastName, Email and Phone are not fetched, only Appointment ID and three other useless variables.

  2. In “Get Appointment”, it does not show the latest appointment. When I chose an appt I have to MANUALLY select it.

  3. The other modules after router are not working.

I need a solution. The module from Acuity Scheduling is not pulling the name, and details I want. Help!