Creating a new Org ends up with a plan that has "No License"

I’ve created a new org in my account and I expected it to automatically be assigned to a FREE plan. Instead, it’s been assigned to a “No License” plan. This results in me not being able to run any scenarios in my account. How can I get the org on a free plan until I need to upgrade to a paid plan?

Hi @Nickv welcome to the community and thanks for raising the question :wave:

The thing is, it is not possible to have two free organizations in one account. You can have a paid org/multiple paid orgs + a free one but not multiple free orgs.

We have looked into your account and see one “Free” organization and one “No License” organization. If you delete the latter, does that help?

Hi @Michaela thanks for the reply. We were hoping to have multiple orgs since we are an agency that plan to use to manage our client’s accounts. The issue with Teams is that we cannot seem to transfer the team to another account if needed (ie client wants to take account with them). Also makes billing much harder on our end since we’d need to figure out each team’s usage each month then re-bill accordingly.

We were hoping to create one org per client and start them on the free plan until they outgrew it. Is it better for us to be making brand new accounts for each client? That seems like it would be much more difficult to manage.

Hey @Nickv

Maybe asking your clients to create a free account and to assign you as an ‘admin’ might work for you?

If you want to learn about the ‘structure’ of the accounts/organizations/teams, the best place to do so would be over here:

That’s how things are set up and it’s really up to you how you decide to organize your client’s accounts. There are countless types and forms of businesses and a different model works for each of them. I would honestly not dare to tell you how to structure things because when it comes to your customers and your market, you really are the expert.

Good luck with this and feel free to let us know what setup you decided to go for :nerd_face: