My plan "Free" converted to "No license" after the monthly reset


My plan suddenly change from Free to No License after the monthly reset. I want to know how to change it back to Free since I am not seeing any buttons in the subscription plans. Also, I only have one organization in my account.

Also, is there any chance that they will be offering student discounts/ promo code for students?

Heya @gavin welcome to the community and thank you so much for raising this issue here!

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this. It’s an issue our devs are aware of and are working on fixing. We looked at your account in the system and we identified the reason why this happened. I’m not sure you’d be ok with me disclosing this sort of information publically, so I am sending the explanation via a DM.

As far as the student discount goes, you can check out the Make Academic License. There are two options:

  • Make Academic License for Professors/Teachers
  • Make Academic License for Students

You can check them out and see which one would be more suitable for you :mortar_board:

Hello Michaela,
I would like to ask if there is an option to enroll in the Make Academic License in an already made account. I tried applying but I can only access it through a sign up option. Also, do you have any estimates on when the fix will happen in my account?

Gavin Dizon

Hey Gavin, thanks for the question!

At this point, the Academic Alliance is an option that is offered to folks who do not have an account with us yet. The Academic Alliance initiative is managed by Celonis, our parent company. If you’d like to ask more questions about it, I could share the contact info of a colleague of mine who is in charge of it.

As far as the issue with your account goes, sadly, I cannot give you a specific date. It is, however, an issue that is of a very high priority and should be fixed as soon as possible. I’ve been informed by my colleagues from the Support team that you’ve logged a ticket regarding this issue. They will make sure to let you know as soon as the problem gets resolved. So sorry for the inconvenience again.

There is, however, a workaround you could use. If you create a new organization within your account, your Free plan should start running within that org.