Urgent Help from Support / Billing Team


We are very lucky to have been on a not for profit trial with Make and it has been going well.

However yesterday, with no notice, i was placed on the free plan, and within hours all my scenarios were frozen.

I have tried to email but so far haven’t had a reply , in the meantime no scenarios are working, which is going to cause significant issues, when they do start running as some of them are time critical.

The question is, is there anyway I can get some help ASAP to find out what is going on? Is there a number I can call?

Any help gratefully received.



Hi @Ian_Kerry, we are looking into it.


Thanks you Martin. Much appreciated.

Hey @Ian_Kerry , it seems your coupon has run out. I have just issued a new one with 12 months duration, which you should be able to find in your Inbox.


You are a star Maximillian, thanks so much. I have sent myself a reminder for next year!


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Dear Ian,
True apologizes for what happened to your Make Org.
Could you please confirm that you did not receive any notification warning you that your coupon was about to expire?
Thanks a lot for your answer!

No problem Pierre, thanks for getting it sorted. No i didn’t receive a reminder. First I knew was an email that said I was nearly up to my limit of operations.