Missing Scenarios

Dear Make.com Support Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance in recovering scenarios that have gone missing from my account.

I began creating these scenarios in December 2023 and invested 3-4 months of work into developing them. However, when I logged into my account today, May 31, 2024, I discovered that all of my scenarios are missing.

I have not accessed my account for the past two months as I was busy raising funds for my startup. During this period, I was on the free plan.

Could you please assist me in recovering my scenarios?

Your help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated, as these scenarios are crucial for my ongoing projects.

Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,

Welcome to the Make community!

Did you have another account with no scenarios that you logged into, or accidentally created a second account?

For technical or account issues like this, directly contacting support can often lead to a faster resolution. They have access to your specific account details, scenario and scenario logs, server-side logs, and internal tools and resources, which allows them to investigate more thoroughly than what you have access to. Additionally, sharing sensitive information about your situation might not be suitable for an open forum discussion.

You can open a new ticket, or if you are unable to login for some reason, you also can reach support by creating a new account.

If you manage to get your issue resolved with support, we’d still love to hear about it! Sharing your solution on the forum can help others facing similar problems.

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